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Outstanding Service Starts in Human Resources

Posted by Connie Baringer on April 6, 2016 at 9:30 AM

Career_Banner_HR-Blog-1.jpgServicers are constantly under pressure to select the highest quality insurance service providers. But how can you tell which companies surpass the others in their level of service? With more sophisticated candidates than in years past, it is important to ensure that the insurance service provider you choose has a quality Human Resources (HR) team to hire the best adjusters. Those employees will be your closest allies in processing insurance claims.

Accurate Representation
While quality candidates tend to take the lead in interviews, HR needs to be prepared with talking points that give the candidate an accurate representation of the company. It is the responsibility of HR to provide the applicant with background information regarding company culture and core values. Honesty is key; this helps to immediately identify people who believe in the same principles as current employees. At DIMONT, we are explicit in identifying what makes our company unique, as well as showcasing consistency, in that everyone from the CEO to the administrative assistant demonstrates and respects the corporate values.

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