The Use of Data Analytics Helps Investor and Servicer Clients Measure Risk and Reward

Posted by DIMONT on June 20, 2016 at 9:30 AM

In a recent press release, we mentioned utilizing data analytics to help investor and servicer clients better measure risks and rewards of investing in loans with commercial and residential real estate properties as collateral. We are taking that process to the next level of tech-forward thinking by partnering with Relus Technologies.

Working with Relus to utilize the latest version of Apache Spark in an Amazon cloud environment, DIMONT now has the unique capability of predicting potential insurance claim recoveries on nonperforming mortgage loans, and a process to re-calibrate these models as new outcome data is generated from operations. These sophisticated models consider multiple attributes over an extended period while adjusting for current market conditions and trends. Building this in a cloud environment insures a secure, highly scalable and cost effective model.

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Topics: Technology